Hi, I’m a Linguistics graduate from the University of Sheffield, preparing to study a master’s in Journalism at City University of London.

This blog started as something to get me writing ahead of a possible career in journalism, and it’s turned into a platform to write about anything from football, to travel, to music and TV.

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Boundary Park, Oldham

I’m a big Oldham Athletic fan, so expect lots of moaning about a club that’s been in the third tier of English football for 21 years. Being a Latics fan doesn’t put me off following football in general, so I won’t always be complaining about League One football.

Yangshuo, China

Two years ago, I spent 2 months in China and South East Asia, and wrote a journal as I went along. I’ve written blogs on everywhere we visited, including tips/stories that will hopefully help anyone thinking of a similar trip. I’ve got plenty of photos, too, and I’m always adding new blogs whenever I visit somewhere new.




4 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. As a Latics fan living in Thailand, I really enjoy your match reports, but I’m also looking forward to reading about your adventures in the kingdom. Did you make it to any games while you were over here?

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Glad you’re enjoying the reports! Unfortunately I was only in Thailand for a few days at the end of my trip. I liked Bangkok, although that’s like just going to London during a trip to England! I didn’t make any games, but I’d love to go back one day!


  2. Hi, Joe! My name is Kaye from Adventure Catalogue. I found your blog really helpful especially those about your travels. Would you mind if we share your articles in our page? We will be linking your website then to ours. Hoping your articles can help our readers find great stories and inspire them to explore more. 🙂


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